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´╗┐What's The Best Way To Avoid Being Raped In Prison Trending on Related Blogs Pamela Anderson Reveals Horrifying HistoryHistory Jets jerseys china of Sexual Abuse2.5k people reading on JezebelTons of News From Avengers 2, Guardians of the Galaxy and Star Wars!2k people reading on io9That Zero Hedge Article On Unsold Cars IsIs wholesale cheap Jets jerseys Bullshit1.8k people reading on Jalopnik Recommended by Drew MagaryTime for your Tuesday edition of the Deadspin Funbag. Today, we're covering abortion burgers, ATM receipts, amputation, Kobe, colanders, and more. I was told by friend this weekend that it's a long held bit of conventional wisdom that Asian women have, on average, warmer genitals than other women. I did not know this was a supposedly universal stereotype for dragon ladies, nor did anyone else in my company. We all knew the usual stereotypes about Asian women: They can't drive, they will sucky sucky for ten dollar, they use Pearl Cream, they are alwaysalways cheap Jets jerseys china secretly plotting to kill you and take your money, etc. But warm vaginas? Eh, I don't buy it. Anyway, in response to my friend's outlandish statement, I have decreed that it should now be a commonly held stereotype that all Jewish men have cold penises. LOOK AT THIS JEW PENIS! IT'S AS FRIGID AS A STICK OF FLAVOR ICE, DAMMIT! And all sexually aggressive quarterbacks have gray penises. That's a lock. We recently met up with his not so bright brother to commiserate and his brother informed us that in order to avoid prison rape the brother advised our buddy to let it be known to the inmates that he had AIDS. This suggestion led to hours of debate and you can probably already discern thethe cheap Jets jersey dilemma: While it is possible, if not likely, that the news that he has AIDS will deter most non AIDS infected rapists, the news will have the OPPOSITE effect on the AIDS infected rapists. So while the universe of potentialpotential Jets new jerseys 2014 rapists is decreased, the remaining rapists may be emboldened and the long term physical implications of the rape is much more severe.